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Atari MegaSTE Upgrades & Where to Get Them?

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Hello, Atari I/O Users!

I have a question for anyone out there who knows this. I want to upgrade my Atari MegaSTE to something somewhat more modern. Here are upgrades I was thinking about:

  • CosmosEx with Raspberry Pi
  • CPU upgrade (is the TF536 ST Edition still discontinued?)
  • RAM upgrade
  • CD-R drive (if possible)
  • A way to hook up my UMAX Astra 1220S scanner to my computer (I have software that may interface with it)
  • SD hard drive interface (like Masteries' ACSI2STM interface or SCSI2SD, or possibly both)
  • A way to hook up a laser printer
  • Possibly, USB ports

Is there still a way to get these upgrades done for my MegaSTE? Or, because of the pandemic, am I just wishfully thinking? I really want to get my computer more modernized in some way. Again, if anyone has any info, please respond to this topic. I would be grateful. Thanks. :O)

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