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Atari MegaSTE Upgrades & Where to Get Them?

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Hello, Atari I/O Users!

I have a question for anyone out there who knows this. I want to upgrade my Atari MegaSTE to something somewhat more modern. Here are upgrades I was thinking about:

  • CosmosEx with Raspberry Pi
  • CPU upgrade (is the TF536 ST Edition still discontinued?)
  • RAM upgrade
  • CD-R drive (if possible)
  • A way to hook up my UMAX Astra 1220S scanner to my computer (I have software that may interface with it)
  • SD hard drive interface (like Masteries' ACSI2STM interface or SCSI2SD, or possibly both)
  • A way to hook up a laser printer
  • Possibly, USB ports

Is there still a way to get these upgrades done for my MegaSTE? Or, because of the pandemic, am I just wishfully thinking? I really want to get my computer more modernized in some way. Again, if anyone has any info, please respond to this topic. I would be grateful. Thanks. :O)

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The CosmosEx is no longer made I had an email from the creator about a week ago when I asked him directly. The TF536 ST edition were just prototypes from what I understand and unfinished but you can build a v2 board and load it with ST firmware and they work but it's not for the feint hearted you need to know how to assemble pcb's though and you're looking in the £120-£140 range for the parts you can ask on Exxos forum I am just about to order some parts to try and make one. Ram upgrades ebay or exxos again. Not sure about CD drives the if the Mega has and IDE interface then ebay or a scsi one should fit on the scsi port ebay again. Not sure about the scanner. SD card buy and ultrasatan from retrolemon. Not sure about the laser but the USB ports netusbee from retrolemon again this also adds a lan port.  I can't remeber what else the ComosEx does but the netusbee and ultrasatan should cover a lot of it. CosmosEx did have it's own tcp/ip stack but you can use uip and sting for networking.


Hope this helps


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