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Metal Slug port from Atari STE to MegaDrive / Genesis


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This Metal Slug port is a conversion from my own Metal Slug port for Atari STE computer

Mainly all the game engine is being ported from Atari STE to MegaDrive / Genesis.


A video:



Audio playback is 100% based on digital samples, using our custom made sound driver that provides 3 channels mixed at 16 KHz.

Samples are compressed, in order to save ROM space, and Real-Time decompressed using the Z80 processor.


Currently, the same samples and graphics from the Atari STE version takes only 1 MB of MegaDrive / Genesis ROM space,

while the STE version takes 3.6 MB


There is a high detailed background composed of up to 8600 tiles, and a parallax background.

Background uses up to 61 different colours. Custom MegaDrive / Genesis tools are made to create map graphics data,

and to provide colouring to the map tiles.


Many things are still pending to be ported to MegaDrive / Genesis,


Stay tuned!

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