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Thank you atari.io.  I got the Lego Pac Man!!!  It looks really cool.  Here are a few pictures:






Woah!  The pieces are teeny tiny, and there's a LOT of them!  Hmmm.  Where's my glasses? 

Ding-dong.  Hey, it's the mailman with a package for me.  "Computer Baseball" that I got from Ebay arrived!  I had one of these as a kid...ordered from the Montgomery Wards catalog.  It's called "Computer Baseball", but there's nothing computerized about it in any way.  It's a cool mechanical pinball style game!  Hey, I think I'll let one of my kids build that Lego while I flip metal balls.  More pictures to come.....



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Great job putting that together so quickly Rick! Looks great.


It's really cool, and I thank you again.  Are there other characters (like Pac Man) in the set?


You are very welcome kind sir. Yes, there is one of Pac-Man and we'll be giving him away before too long. There were only two characters made for this set, Blinky (red ghost) and Pac-Man himself. 

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