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Real Time Strategy game for Atari 8-bit


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 How many people here are into Real Time Strategy games? Games like "WarCraft", "Age of Empires", "Empire Earth", "Rise of Nations", "Command & Conquer", etc.  I am looking to see if it is possible to do such games on the Atari 8-bit, and want to see how much interest there is. I know it be very limited and would be very primitive compared to even a DOS based PC. I recently installed the original MS-DOS based "WarCraft", and I realized this is closer to a format that might be doable on 80's tech computer systems. To make these games multiplayer, it might need a device like Fujinet so two people can have their own screen. This is a possible future project that I am considering, and would only go forward if there is enough interest. 

It has many challenges, like how I am going to display units from two opposing sides, graphics mode to use, selecting units with the joystick, or can we use a mouse with the Atari. I know it probably be more suitable for Atari ST or a VBXE system with a 65816 upgrade.


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