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Dark Tower


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So here's how I recall it.  Each player had there own section of board they started with. The goal was to travel through each player's territory to gain a bronze, silver and gold key. Once you had the keys you could attack the "Dark Tower" for an epic battle to win!  You would turn the tower on, enter how many players and it mostly did the rest. On your turn you move one space in any direction then press the corresponding key on the tower You had to buy soldiers and rations for them at bazzaars. When you moved you either had an encounter where you battle Brigands and the "tower" controlled the battle in a turn based fashion, Or got lost or the plague .The tower would display everything, complete with sound effects! Dragons, Gold, what's not to love!!! There was actually even more to the game than I described, just way ahead of it's time. Electronic D&D from way back!!!

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greenween, see the little greenish box just to the left of the dropdown box that says "Font" just above the upper left of where you type? Clicking on that will give you BBcode. Scroll down and select "media" then paste the youtube link. Or you can just code it out manually by pasting the youtube link between BBcode media and /media both placed in brackets. It's more complicated to explain than to actually do, and I don't know how to show you because if I type the code out it will show you a youtube video in its place.

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Greenween, I think the "embedding disabled by request" is by request of the video owner on YouTube and not part of the embedding feature of the forums. I think in most cases you should be able to embed a video. Please let us know if you can't, because then there'd be something really wrong going on.

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