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Dark Tower

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It is officially the greatest game ever made.  There is a one person tutorial game. Meant for two to four though.  You work your way around the board counter clockwise through 3 different territories, each one contains a key( bronze, silver and gold of course) and then mass your forces to attack the tower! Different diificulty levels determine the final battle in the tower! D &D brought to life, great game and worth every penny!!!

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@greenween I've been catching up on all of these older threads since I'm new here, this game looks really cool. It's the epitome of early '80s toys. The way they took a traditional board game and added simple electronics and RPG elements is pretty sweet. Board games and tabletop games are underrated, families still get together around that stuff even if it's dominos or checkers!


BTW I think it's really cool they made room in this forum for stuff like comics, old movies, classic toys and tabletop games. I think there's a lot more to Atari culture than classic gaming, it's everything that was going on at the time too.

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