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Who’s Still Reading / Subscribing to Magazines


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Who’s still reading / subscribing to magazines? I just gave an annual subscription to a print magazine to a family friend for Christmas, which was greatly appreciated. I also received a subscription to DuPont Registry, which I used to subscribe to in the mid 1990s and very much look forward to.

I wish they would bring back Nintendo Power. Yes we have the internet, we have Instagram, we have this very site, but whether it's Nintendo Power or the Sears Wish Book or the Atari 2600 Game Program Catalog - there's nothing quite like holding the printed materials in your hand and eagerly flipping through the pages wondering what you'll find next.

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I use to subscribe to Nintendo Power, VG&CE, Tips & Tricks, Popular Electronics, Game Informer, and I would get the free Game Center mags from Walmart.  Almost all of those no longer exist.  I also had an Official Dreamcast Magazine subscription from the very first issue.  Miss that mag.  Lots of cool stuff.  I still have my collection of Game Informer and Game Center mags.  I revisit those frequently but can't believe that most of the games "fixing" to be released are now 5 years old.  Oh...I also frequently subscribed to Computer Shopper when it was good.  I haven't seen that one on the shelves in a while.

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This reminds me a lot of the whining a lot of us older people tend to do.  "I wish they still had magazines" or "I wish they still had arcades".  Yet we won't do a thing to save those industries as they die.  Wishes mean nothing.  ACTIONS do.  If you love something, buy it and support it.  Or it goes away.  Simple as that. 

PS - I also subscribe to my local newspaper, albeit in digital format only.  I've been reading the newspaper every day at lunch since high school.  On-line stuff doesn't cut it for me.  I love the layout and "localness" of the newspaper. 


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