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PlayStation TV

Doctor Octagon

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Can anybody explain PlayStation TV to me? I must be dense. 




From the engadget article linked above:



Sony will be releasing its PlayStation TV here in the US and in Canada on October 14th. What's more, as it looks to get people amped up for it, the company also let it be known that the mini console is set to have nearly 700 playable games from day one, giving interested folks Stateside and in The Great White North something to look forward to come launch day. That amount of games, naturally, is made possible thanks to the PlayStation TV's flexibility -- it provides access to a variety of content in different ways, including through PS Vita titles, PlayStation Now and via Remote Play with a PlayStation 4. The PlayStation TV is going to be available for $99 (system-only), or you also have the option to get a $140 bundle which includes a DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card and The Lego Movie Videogame.



I have to buy a $99 game system to play Metal Gear Solid? I already did in 1998!


PSTV gives me access to movies, music and games from Vita and PS1, correct? These all seem to me like features that should be included in a new game console, like the new PS4 I just paid $400 for. Other than the Vita games most all of these features were on my PS3 in 2006. How is this not a glorified Ouya? Clearly I'm not understanding this, so what am I missing?

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It feels like Sony is grasping at straws at this point. Not so much in gaming but just overall. Sony Vaio is gone, the Walkman has long been replaced by the iPod which has now been replaced by the iPhone and every other i-device. PlayStation is and has always been cool, but I've hardly seen anything on PSTV or why I should want one.

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