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My personal "WOW" moment in console gaming. You wouldn't guess. What's yours?

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I had posted this comment elsewhere, it ended up much longer and more detailed in trying to convey the moment so I will paste and share it here as well as invite all to share their own personal jaw dropping "WOW" moment in console gaming whatever platform or time period that was  😎

It was in answer to basically what was my "WOW" moment in console gaming, I think even those that know me and my long history in it might be surprised but it is my most honest answer - Well, see I recall reading so many articles about Sega's new console coming, seeing pictures of the Dreamcast logo, the designs and rendering of the case, reading all the "specs", that was all fine and dandy.

Then one day arriving at my local mall I went to the second floor and as I walked off the top of the escalator facing the gaming store I began to approach, as I was getting close enough to make out what was displayed on 2 - 3 15 inch TV's hanging in the store front display I was thinking "Ugh, wtf? WHY are they playing a damn football game?" I figured it was early in the day, the store was pretty empty, I assumed the manager maybe put to on to "catch the game", I kind of rolled my eyes but then, as I got closer it dawned on me, no, no way, can this be?

Then running up the rest of the way, I confirmed what blew my mind, this was no broadcast game, this was my first time seeing something running in person on the new Dreamcast console by SEGA 😮 Yes, from a distance and admittedly maybe because I had zero interest in Football I assumed, if only for a few brief seconds that an actual football game was in progress when in fact it was NFL 2K, I think in demo mode, I only noticed the players movement, some cut scene of interaction on the field and of course the sounds of the crowd and commentary where being amplified outside the display. It did not matter that I could not care less about football or sports games in general, hell outside of possibly trying the game sometime later on a Dreamcast Demo disc I never even played it, yet for those few seconds I was fooled, I was more impressed than if they had been simply displaying Sonic adventure, in my mind, at that moment at least the Dreamcast realized everything I had heard or read up to that point and I was convinced that not only had Sega made a fantastic debut in the new generation but that it was surely the future of console gaming. And while we all know how things actually would turn out in the long run, that will always be for me my most WOW moment in gaming. 🤷‍♂️



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Mine was the DC as well! But, it was after it had already ran its course. I of course saw the commercials on TV but I hadn't really paid attention to it to much to be honest. Then when they were being clearanced out, I was able to pick up one for about $50 and Shenmue was one of the games I happened to pick up for it. When I first powered it on and saw the intro to Shenmue, I was generally amazed because up until this point in my eyes, console hadn't and wouldn't ever catch up to the graphics that PC gaming could still provide. It has pretty much always been that way to me since I got my first PC in the late 80s. 

But here,,, with Shenmue I was seeing for the first time, a small game console that was producing graphics nearly as impressive to me as my GeForce TNT 256 I had in my gaming PC at the time. Sure there were differences in the quality of the polys and textures, but it was close enough that I got a renewed interest in not just the retro gaming that I had started to get back into, but was now interested about the modern console gaming as well. I found myself now purchasing lots of DC games on clearance at Circuit City and the like to see what else there was to offer.

And I've been getting modern consoles as well ever since. Exception is the newest consoles since they haven't anything on offer to interest me that I can't also play on my PC as well. So the lines have been blurred quite a bit now. But yeah, in the early 2000s it was the DC that made me go Wow and take notice about how far console gaming had come since the N64.


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My WOW moment?  Had a couple of those.  

1st one.  A local arcade in my hometown that was still in operation got in a Super Nintendo arcade machine. That's when I discovered F-Zero.  I bet I put in about$10 in that machine.

2nd Wow moment was the opening movie to Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. I pre-ordered both the system and game.  Got the game before the system but as soon as the machine arrived I hurried home, hooked it up in record time and was blown away. It left such an impression that I still can hear the Open Your Heart soundtrack to that game.  Sega came in and out with a bang when they made the Dreamcast.

Those were my wow moments.  I'm with most of you guys.  The Dreamcast did so many things that the wow factors never seemed to stop.  Tokyo Xtreme Racer wowed me because it took a different direction with the racing genre, Shenmue rewrote the rules to open world games and I loved the little things in the game more from buying toys out of a vending machine to trying to win the boom box from the store to playing arcade and lottery games. Then came Skies of Arcadia with such an amazing story that I could not stop playing.  I had a few tears at the climax before the ending of the game.  I did the same thing with Grandia 2.  Such an amazing system. It still has a lot to offer and my favorite Sega system. Thank you Sega!

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On 1/20/2022 at 6:27 PM, Atari Creep said:

Mine was the OG PlayStation. Sitting in my girlfriends sisters place and watching her boyfriend play Resident Evil was where I started paying attention but when Castlevania SOTN was popped in the console my jaw dropped. 

XBOX gave away that same Castlevania game for the 360. I never knew that game made it to the XBOX library.  Very fun game.

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