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Atari VCS Flashback Fridays


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Did you think that Atari Vault was the beginning and end of retro gaming on the VCS?  Think again! 

Atari recently launched its "Atari VCS Flashback Fridays" series of games.  Each week a new retro classic is released for a price between $2.99 and $6.99.

From Atari:

Atari VCS is a modern system with the soul of the past. Atari has baked retro console, arcade and PC game emulators into the VCS operating system. Atari VCS Flashback Fridays introduce a variety of classic games from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, offering seamless gameplay on your TV, with new titles added every week!

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Atari VCS Flashback Friday Games (Released)

4th & Inches (MS-DOS)

Adventure (2600)

Alien Brigade (7800)

Ancient Art of War in the Skies, The (MS-DOS)

Asteroids (7800)

Basketbrawl (7800)

Breakout (2600)

Centipede (7800)

Crusade in Europe (MS-DOS)

Dark Chambers (7800)

Desert Falcon (7800)

Dogfight (MS-DOS)

Fast Break (MS-DOS)

Fatal Run (7800)

Food Fight (7800)

Gravitar (2600)

Harrier Jump Jet (MS-DOS)

MicroProse Soccer (MS-DOS)

Motor Psycho (7800)

Ninja Golf (7800)

Planet Smashers (7800)

Realsports Baseball (7800)

Scrapyard Dog (7800)

Super Huey (7800)

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1 hour ago, Mockduck said:

$6.99 is a bit of a higher price point maybe...gonna be a bit tough to drop that for a flight sim combat game I am not familiar with. 🙂

I agree.  This one is a pass for me as I'm not a huge fan of flight sims.  I may pick it up during the next big sale but not until then. 

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Courtesy of the Atari Weekly Podcast hosted by Brutally Honest Gamer there will be no Flashback Friday release today.

The planned title was yet another MicroProse war Sim. In light of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, Atari has decided to withhold the launch of a game this week.

Personally, I applaud Atari and their sensitivity to current events. It shows their team is being thoughtful.

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Flashback Fridays return with the puzzling release of three 2600 games that are already available FOR FREE to all VCS users via Atari VCS Vault Vol. 1.

Adventure, Breakout and Gravitar are now available for God knows why.


And just when you are ready to give Atari some credit, they go all "Atari" on you... 🤣


Update: Gravitar & Breakout now confirmed in the store for $0.99 ea. Adventure has not yet been pushed.

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No new Flashback Friday titles for the last few weeks. Atari had two more announced titles, Conflict in Vietnam and Solo Flight. They put a pause on war related titles with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With Fast Break they have otherwise reached the end of their list.

No news on additional Flashback Friday content yet. Watch this space for any updates.


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We'll need to wait for the carts to confirm but I believe that the Yars' Return ROM may be different than the ROM on the XP carts. It has none of the enhancements Dennis Debro mentioned in his interview.

If this is a different ROM, it is not a "digital copy" of the game advertised for XP purchasers. That should be corrected.

They do seem better than the Vault versions and they included the trailers, in addition to screen shots. The art looks great too.

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