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Release Date: 10/26/21

Retail: $3.99

Developer(s): Tucasoft

Publisher: Tucasoft

Official Site


"Pedra Crystal Caves is an addictive puzzle game where you have to find and paint all the 'key' tiles which open the 'exit door' to each cave.

Paint the special bonus tiles to earn Crystals which can be redeemed to upgrade your Pedra block. Add special features like painting on multiple sides, double-radius painting and bomb-block painting as well as a range of other stylistic goodies to choose from.

Gain temporary upgrades to your Pedra block by painting the upgrade tiles scattered throughout each cave.

But its not all nice and easy - lurking in the caves are the 'Meanies' - Pushers, Growers and Stinger bad guys that are out to get you.

Dispose of them all to gain extra Crystals if you can - Bomb and Glass tiles are bad for them too - avoid them if not.

48 Caves to twist your brain!"

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Pedra: Crystal Caves is a unique puzzle game from one-person indie developer Tucasoft.  Use you Pedra block to "paint" tiles and clear each case.  The perspective and movement is reminiscent of Q*Bert.  And just like Q*Bert, you may want to rotate your Classic Controller 45 degrees. Worth a look for fans of puzzle games and brain teasers!


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