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Release Date: 12/24/20

Retail: $14.99

Developer(s): Improbable Pixel

Publisher: Improbable Pixel

Official Site

Synopsis :

"ThrustLander is a cave-flyer with modern graphics and a range of different gameplay modes (from speed run to destroy everything) set in beautiful claustrophobic environments. As players progress they can upgrade their ship to overcome challenges. With over 250 levels (and 4 difficulty settings) there is something for everyone.


  • Learn to control the ThrustLander ship in progressively more challenging levels and game modes.
  • Plan strategies of attack when faced with difficult enemies or environmental obstacles.
  • As you play, you earn credits. Use these to buy and upgrade weapons, ship upgrades, attack drones and secondary systems!
  • Earn XP as you complete missions to unlock levels and upgrades!
  • Play timed missions with no enemies racing ghost ships through caves and trying not to crash.
  • Play retro levels complete with retro music on a simulated 4:3 CRT monitor.
  • As you play the game you unlock groups of levels meaning you will never get stuck behind a tricky level.


  • 250+ levels across all modes.
  • 10 weapons to equip with 11 upgrades.
  • 5 secondary weapons.
  • 5 types of drone.
  • 5 possible ship upgrades.
  • Destroy mode.
  • Retro mode.
  • Timed mode : Race through levels in timed mode with no enemies, attempting to beat ghost ships to the finish line!"
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Thrustlander by indie developer Improbable Pixel is an incredibly deep cave flyer that is feature rich and has a ton of replay value for the completionists out there.  It is also probably the best implementation of the Classic Joystick's built-in rotary function to date.  Highly recommended!


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