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Pixel Cup Soccer


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Release Date: 6/11/21

Retail: $9.99


Developer(s): BATOVI Games

Publisher: BATOVI Games


Pixel Cup Soccer is a casual retro style soccer game, a great evolution from the previous edition. It's dynamic, arcade, with a fast paced gameplay, just the fun part of soccer! The game has great pixel art graphics like the games from the 90’s, evoking nostalgia. It features great pixel art and soundtracks that evoke nostalgia of the glory days of the 80’s and 90’s arcade games.

Move, pass, and shoot the ball to victory! You will learn to play in one minute, but it takes much longer to master it. The simple controls enable a rich set of features such as charging and aiming your shots, directing your corner kicks and throw-ins, shooting lobs, slide tackles, and more.

Play single-player (player VS computer) or local multi-player (player VS player).

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