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Frog Hop


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Release Date: 12/24/20 

Retail: $4.99 

Developer(s): Tiny Warrior Games 

Publisher: Tiny Warrior Games

Official Site


"A Cute and Quirky classic adventure platforming game about a Frog named Hoppy searching for his frog friend Jumpy.

  • Swing and Launch yourself through levels with your tongue ability.
  • A Vast Array of gimmicks, enemies and obstacles, there’s always something new you’ll encounter in each level.
  • Unique and Challenging Boss Fights, each with their own attacks and weaknesses.
  • Collect Sparkly Gems and Spend them to buy charms that alter your play style, opening up possibilities for replay-ability and strategies to overcome levels.
  • Bouncy and Catchy tunes, each level has a unique song. Over 50+ Songs!
  • Dress Yourself Up with a wide range of cosmetics, have ducks follow you around or make goofy sounds when you hit the ground.

For the classic hardcore platforming gamer, enjoyable for speed-runners as well!

Created in a little over 4 years by a single developer.

It has hats."

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