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The Spirit of the Samurai (In Development)


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Release Date: In Development

Retail: TBD

Developer(s): Digital Mind

Publisher: Atari

Official Site


"The Spirit of the Samurai is an epic adventure 2D game with metroidvania-style game-play. Explore a vast world of non-linear levels with a unique visual style and environment. You will be a Samurai, a Cat and a Kodama. With spectacular, meticulous made art and design combined with stunning animations taking care of every detail, we offer you the possibility of immersing yourself in a great Samurai adventure unlike any you have seen or imagined.

Explore a dark, yet beautiful world set in medieval Japan and its ancient mythology where you will fight against mythological creatures, demons, undeads. Join a samurai and his amazingly cute kitten-cat on an epic and dangerous adventure to recover his body and destroy the evil that grips your lands."


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Originally announced for the VCS in November 2020 for a December 2021 release, Spirit of the Samurai has been delayed as the developer decided to fully revamp the project in Unity3D.  The game is steadily making progress and is looking more beautiful than ever.  Check out the original trailer for a taste of what's to come.


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