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Rally Racers


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Release Date: 1/28/2022

Retail: $9.99

Developer: West Coast Software

Publisher: West Coast Software

Official Site


"Rally Racers is a cartoon based Family Fun Car Racing Game with "Wacky Racer Rees" and his gang battling with his evil brother, "Droog and his henchmen".

The first challenge is the tutorial at the end of which you will have learned the basic skills of controlling the car and how to perform stunts and pick up weapons and boosts.

"Quest Mode" is where the fun really begins, collect the oranges, perform stunts and shoot your opponents to win. Collect all the oranges, smash the stunt points targets and come first to be top of the leaders board!! have you got what it takes?

As you race through the worlds you can upgrade your cars and choose from a range of partners who have skills to help you with your challenges.

Who will be first to collect all the golden balls and reach the end of the "Quest"?

Who will be the player who finds all the hidden oranges?

Can you make to top of the leader board?"

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So...initial impression isn't super great. I had physics issues several times and the whole thing felt bad, looked maybe not great and played mediocre. That said, I've also started going into vehicle and game upgrades, so I suspect it starts weak. I'll be giving it more time. Initial impression is ok if not particularly good, and it's cheap enough that if you want a kart racer we've at least got one now. I do recall there being a pretty good kart racer on the AirConsole app as well if you are looking for more modern game options.

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Welcome to atari.io and ClubVCS @Mockduck!  Its good to see you here.

I've been playing Rally Racers a lot this morning and generally agree with your comments.  Its not great and I've encountered occasional slowdown for no apparent reason.  The vehicles do seem to handle better once upgrades are applied and I think the pick-ups are pretty cool.  The upgrade mechanic, including vehicle improvements and unlockable cars, animal companions and "droogs" offer some strategic element.  I don't love that you have to hit all three targets (place, orange collection and stunts) to advance in the game.  My biggest complaint is that there is no split screen for local co-op.  That's such a critical element to kart racers!  Otherwise, I am having fun with it and think its a serviceable (if generic) kart racer and fills a void in the VCS library. 

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I ran into a glitch entering one of the challenge levels against Droog - the game's creepy,  cheating antagonist.

The challenge stage would not fully render and my car just floated midscreen. I could do tricks but nothing else and it registered my vehicle as off track. 

I fully quit the game and came back to the same problem.  Finally, I replayed the previous stage, re-entered the Droog challenge, and the game allowed me to progress.    

Sharing here in case someone elese gets stuck on the same issue.

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