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Open Lara is being ported to the ATARI Jaguar


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The Jaguar OpenLara port.

As you'll no doubt have heard, work on the Jaguar version is underway (although very, very early).

Nothing is being promised from this project and no money or donations are being demanded.

Could 'prototyping' for the Jaguar bring about better emulation and more knowledge for developers?

Does the community think developing indie games (that could make a fully playable game that would be feasible for the Jaguar's architecture) using public-domain source-code would be a good thing for the Jaguar?

Please show your support to this project by checking out the original thread on Atari Age.


#openlara #atarijaguar


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Maybe not Jag related, but still impressive is X-progger's current 32X port (using only one SH2):

It's running at a decent frame-rate considering it's still early-on.

Can the Jaguar port run as well as this, or do people think it could be a little smoother (in the confines of what is realistically possible on the Jaguar)?


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19 hours ago, cbethea said:

Jeez if you pull this off it will be a tremendous achievement. I wonder how you’re going to port the music? If you need help let me know. 

Head-over to the AA thread and look for Swapd0, Xproger, or Alucard X.

Swapd0 was the guy porting it.

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