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The Untold Story of Chuck E. Cheese Skee-Ball

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My latest blog entry is about "Chuck E. Cheese Roll" Skee-Ball. There's a wonderful story behind this picture. It ends with a man professing a life-altering experience, and begins with the marquee on top of that very first “Chuck E. Cheese” skee-ball machine in this photo. If you tilt your head and squint you can see that it says “Chuck E. Cheese Roll”.


A few years ago I was speaking at an entrepreneurialism event in South Florida with Dr. Gene N. Landrum, the man pictured on the right in the above photo who was the Silicon Valley guru behind the launch of Atari’s Home Consumer Division and the Atari 2600 VCS. After leaving Atari with Nolan Bushnell, Gene developed the concept and characters that we know today as “Chuck E. Cheese” and served as the company's first President. What happened next became part of a really heartwarming story.


You can read the full blog entry here: http://www.atari.io/chuck-e-cheese-skee-ball-gene-landrum/

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