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Doom Patrol (2600) - WIP

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another new homebrew by "winkdot"  {work in progress}........


Doom Patrol


As a member of the United Astrocorporation Unlimited (UAU) your mission is to infiltrate the Technotechnics base and destroy their super weapon.


In order to penetrate the base, you must obtain both keys and then make a dash to destroy the super weapon.
The Technotechnics base walls are deadly, avoid them. The base also has automatic random wall defence that will appear in a random fashion. Avoid them.
The super weapon must be hit five times in order to be destroyed.
Know your tank:
Your tank is equiped with a slightly defective main weapon the UAU purchased on contract. Sometimes the missile explodes prior to making contact. It will destroy ground and air targets. It seems to work better at short ranges. The UAU programmers are working to improve it. 
You have two shields on each tank. A shield unit can be replinshed if you find an armor icon.
Your tank has improved speed, use this to your advantage. Staying in a room too long becomes very dangerous.
You have 3 tanks in which to complete the mission. If sucessful, you will attack again against a stronger enemy.
At the title screen press the fire button to start. The fire button also starts a new game at the game over screen.
Joystick controls the tank in four directions.
Joystick button fires a missile in the direction the tank is facing.


Doom Patrol-0.2.bin

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