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Google Talk w/ Nolan Bushnell


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From The Blog: http://www.atari.io/google-conversation-nolan-bushnell/


In 2011 Atari founder Nolan Bushnell spoke at Google about his history, passions, what made things work and what didn’t. It’s a fascinating talk that’s about an hour long and well worth watching. Google has made the talk available on YouTube, and we’ve embedded it below:






I sat through the entire hour, took copious notes, and posted a review of the entire spiel here: http://www.atari.io/google-conversation-nolan-bushnell/ If you haven't checked it out by now, you totally should. Discussion below, set go.

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I'm still laughing at "Yeah, let's give it a tug" at 22:02 lol! I missed it the first time but after I read your article I went back and replayed it. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it.


It bewilders me that we still have these bozos running around crying foul at Nolan for not giving enough credit to guys for what happened 40 years ago. Maybe there was an ounce of validity to that long ago but not now. Nolan comes right out and credits Alcorn for Pong in front of a packed crowd at Google and the entire world. He said “I’m saying out loud, and forever, Al Alcorn designed PONG. I keep saying that, but it won’t matter.” He's right, it won't. Because that doesn't feed their narrative of Nolan as the nefarious thief, or their idea that the fifth beetles of the world are to be rewarded for their lack of fortitude and vision. Oh please, how ridiculous. It takes more than good programming to build a successful startup. The bozos will still run around like clucking hens libeling Bushnell as they can't see past the circuit and appreciate the visionary leadership it takes to make the world happen. 


I found Nolan's thoughts on education pretty interesting as well. He's always said he thought great strides could be made in education with the advent of the video game, and that we'd see video games in every classroom. He seems to be an autodidact, or at least understands that different people learn in different ways. If you search youtube he has other speeches that are strictly on education. Very heady stuff.

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