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Serial number Woody heavy sixer


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I  have done some short research  about the differences between de  woody ligh sixer and  the heavy sixer 
And now I came out with a question that I hoped some one in this forum can tell me 
My question is: What I have learned regardibg the serial number of a heavy sixer  is  a series number with a letter and on the sticker said sunnyvale ca (California). However, I have come across now with another original heavy sixer with PAL. 
The original heavy sixer that you can find in America has the system NTSC (USA). Would that also explain the difference in terms of the serial number without a letter?

The one I have now does not have a letter behind the serial number. 
But it is a heavy sixer with PAL!

Picture1 is a heavy sixer with NTSC (USA) and has a serie nummer  with a letter on the end 

Picture 2 is een  Leisure PAL Heavy Sixer
Atari 2600 Woody Sunnyvale
with only a number ?




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