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Atari 7800 Homebrew Wishlist

Silver Back

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As a kid I liked making lists and ranking things. It was kind of my thing. Ranking my favorite games, board games, giving them arbitrary scores, etc.  I would make leagues for sports we played in the neighborhood and football and keep track of win loss records. I was a nerd I guess. 

I also made a lot of wishlist for things I would want for holidays and wishlist for things I'd like to see come out on the NES or 7800. Here is one such list from my childhood.  I'll keep it to the top 5 ports I was wishing for:

1. Zelda II

2. Super Mario Bros 2

3. Contra

4. A Simpsons Game

5. TMNT The Arcade Game

Of course knowing what I know now a few of those games would never come out on the 7800, but at the time it had Mario Bros and Donkey Kong, so why not? Dream big!

But being an adult and seeing how the homebrew scene is booming, I thought it would be fun to share our wishlist with each other. In no way am I demanding that somebody does these games, but I think there's nothing wrong with sharing what our dream ports would be. So here is my adult top 5 homebrew games that I would love to see on the 7800!

1. Sinister - One of my favorite arcade games and I think it would be awesome on the 7800!

2. Paperboy - I think this would look awesome on the 7800 and makes a lot of sense to me. 

3. Metroidvania style game - I think an interesting Metroid style game for the 7800 would be cool.

4. Micro Machines or a good overhead racer - this style of racing game is one of my favorites, and I was a little disappointed by Sprint Master. I'd like to see somebody do it right!

5. A fixed Karateka closer to what we had on the Apple or computers of the time!

Honestly those are the things I'd love to see done on the Prosystem.  I tried to stay away from games that I know are in progress, otherwise I would've added those games or genres to the list. 

What do you think of my wishlist?  Are these games possible on the hardware or am I just dreaming?  What games would you like to see?  Let's discuss!

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1 hour ago, Silver Back said:

I don't remember Phoenix. I must've have missed that one I'll check it out. 

Here is the arcade version:


And here is the 2600 port...


🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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