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Top 3 Sci-Fi TV Series of all time?

Museum Matt

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So when I think of Sci-Fi on TV, my mind goes by default to Star Trek and all the spin offs from the original series in the 1960's. They were my first Science Fiction love and are always a go to for me. What about y'all?


Granted that I haven't seen every sci-fi series ever made, but from the ones that I have seen, I will give you my top 3. I'd love to hear what your top 3 are.


3. Dr. Who- I recently got into watching the newer ones (made in 2006 and on) via NetFlix. I have to say, for me, it started out a little slow. But when David Tennant became the Doctor, I started watching more and more. I'm now in Season 5 with Matt Smith as the Doctor and I can see the special effects budget, graphics budget, and "guest star" budget getting bigger. 


2. Firefly- Yeah, it was only on for one season, but what a season. I was totally hooked after watching the first episode. This is a series a definitely "binge watch". I'll start on a Friday evening after work and watch on Saturday and even into Sunday if I need to. I do the extended version of the Lord of the Rings series that way too. Don't judge me.


1. Star Trek: The Next Generation-  Maybe it's because I can remember, as a 9 year old, watching the very first episode on TV, or maybe it's because I readily identify more with Picard than Kirk, but I love ST:TNG and will still watch episodes I've seen a dozen times if I catch them on regular TV. 


So, what are your Top 3 Sci-Fi TV shows?

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Those are good picks icrra. My choices go like this:


3.  Twilight Zone
2.  Battlestar Galactica (the newer version)
1.  The X-Files


I'd publish a novel for each one of these shows explaining why I love them so much. But to save me the hand-cramps, check out the Retroist Podcast episodes for X-Files and Twilight Zone, here http://www.retroist.com/2014/01/17/retroist-podcast-episode-155-the-x-files/ and here http://www.retroist.com/2013/10/11/retroist-podcast-twilight-zone/

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Great choices!


I tend to like shows that were cut short. Firefly, Stargate SGU, Caprica and Almost Human come to mind. It's almost a guarantee that if I like it, they'll cut it in the first season or two. That said, my favorites gave me at least some closure:


1) Star Trek TOS

2) Battlestar Galactica (Reboot)

3) Quantum Leap

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3. The Sarah Conner Chronicles

2. Star Trek Next Gen

1. Twilight Zone


Adventures of Briscoe County Jr and Awake were great for single season shows and V was a great mini-series.



1. Star Trek - NSG



 Wait! There was a No Swear Gamer version of Star Trek!?!?!? Sounds Amazing!

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