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These handhelds definitely have more of a 'You-had-to-be-there' appeal to us retro gamers who started out with these mobile games back when electronics was turning out to be a kid's best friend.


Portability, multi-player ops, brief time-efficient rounds, basic strategy - all-in-all some incredibly-tight fun in a small package.

Battery turnover was the biggest setback, and even that didn't affect us as much as it did when larger sets came about (looking at you, Coleco Pac-Man...aww c'mere, gimme a hug old pal!).


I dunno what they expected out of a big screen port. NoSwear's vid pretty much sums it up. Just a terrible idea.


But those original handheld re-issues I see popping around? Pure gold!

Get those instead. Impress your friends, family and co-workers.

Amaze the dog!

Bore the cat!

Get some batteries!


Still have my Battlestar Galactica: Space Alert.

Had so much fun with it, it earned a spot in the family and I gave it a name.


uh...I named it Battlestar Galactica: Space Alert, to avoid confusion.

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