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Recharged Squad Challenge 003 - Black Widow: Recharged

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no i don't have leaderboards and there's several people you can tell from the screen shots, they don't have leaderboards either.   I have no update to my version. so i don't know what's going on.


EDIT: looked back, so it's just me and YorkiesTV that don't have them for whatever reason, see how our screen shots are different?

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Great scores so far everyone!  Here's  an update going into the final weekend of play:

@Joe - 14,870

@E. King - 13,345

@BHG_Gaming - 12,210

@Sabertooth - 10,485

@Mockduck - 7,765

@Stlrs95 - 5,600

@Yorkies TV- 5,445

And our shadow PC-player @RickR with 4,085.

Let's see if we can shake up the standings before Tuesday!



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On 5/30/2022 at 6:30 AM, Stlrs95 said:

Looks like 5600 is going to be my best. I’ve tried to top it but to no avail.  Do we know what the next game is going to be?

Yeah, I couldn't hit my top score after several tries. May try to squeeze one more in before midnight.

The next game will be up tomorrow morning (PST)!

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default_pole_position_blimp_big.gifCongratulations Joe!


Congratulations to @Joe our returning, three time consecutive Recharged Squad Challenge Champion! Joe is proving to be UNSTOPPABLE as he pulls off an incredible threepeat win!  This is what the kids call being a legend!  💥

Joe takes 1st Place in our Final Standings with an incredible score of 14,870, making him not just our champion but FIRST PLACE in the VCS World leaderboards as of this post! @E. King makes an impressive Recharged Squad Challenge debut, coming in second with a tremendous 13,345!   @BHG_Gaming turned in a strong entry late in the game with 12,210 to take the third spot.   I squeaked into fourth place with 10,485.  @Mockduck, @Stlrs95, and @Yorkies TV all brought their best game to round out our Final Standings.  

Finally, thanks to @RickR who participated again as a shadow player with 4,085 on the PC version.  Because this was the PC version of the game, he will not receive an entry into the giveaway and does not appear on the Final Standings.

Black Widow: Recharged is an unforgiving game. It's easily the hardest of all of the new Recharged titles.  I hope everybody who joined us for this one had fun and didn't break any controllers or TVs in the process! 

As the winner of this round @Joe will receive a set of Recharged Squad buttons and 4 entries in the controller giveaway! Everyone else who participated will get one entry in the giveaway!

Also, a big thanks to @BHG_Gaming for helping to get out the word on the ClubVCS and the Recharged Squad Challenge!

I'd like to encourage @Joe to post his high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! 

Congratulations to Joe on his THREEPEAT win, a huge welcome to new players @E. King and @Stlrs95, and a big congratulations to all of our participants in this ClubVCS exclusive challenge!

NOTE: Our next Recharged Squad Challenge is Asteroids: Recharged! Be there!

RSC 03 1JUN2022.jpg


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