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VCS Games that use the Spinner feature on the Classic Joystick

E. King

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In case anyone is looking for games that use the Spinner feature and if anyone wants to add ones they know that use the Spinner feature or what your favorites are.

My favorite is Asteroids Recharged the way the Spinner rotates the ship and the trigger does the thrust, for me it just feels like Asteroids was always meant to be played that way.

Anyone who is playing Asteroids Recharged with the dual analog modern controller or even with the Classic Joystick without the Spinner feature turned on is doing it wrong, LOL... If you haven't already done so, Please turn on the Spinner in the control settings for Asteroids Recharged.

I also enjoy ThrustLander  a lot for the same reason as you can rotate the ship with the Spinner and it really makes the gameplay very interesting for me with that game mechanic.

Other games that I know use the Spinner are Breakout, Tempest 4000, Guntech 2, Danger Scavenger and Black Widow.



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@E. King - I agree with you 💯 on Asteroids: Recharged and Thrustlander. Those along with Breakout: Recharged are easy recommendations for anyone who really enjoys the spinner. I'm confident that we'll see a similar implementation in Gravitar: Recharged too.

Tempest in the Vault is a sublime experience. I also think Tempest 4000, Guntech 2 and Danger Scavenger do a decent job with it.

Atari and its dev partners definitely need to embrace that function as an option. it really sets the VCS a part from other platforms.

Also, I saw your YT video review of the VCS and play of Asteroids. Feel free to share your VCS content on our Creator Space pinned topic: 


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