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Looking for someone to record music from real Atari 8-bit family machine (not emulated)

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Hello. I'm looking for someone who has an Atari 8-bit family machine (NTSC) to make high-quality recordings of the music (48kHz WAV/FLAC) for the title themes to Phantasie I and Phantasie II for an archive I am working on with the original designer. The recordings need to be made from the actual original hardware. (I understand the emulation scene. I don't want to use emulation, but the authentic system/hardware). I don't want to take advantage of anyone's time, so I am willing to pay for the time invested. (I can provide the game images, if necessary, though they are quite easy to find online.)

Thank you,

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Just to share with everyone else, the music has been recorded and sent for archiving.  The picture of the recording equipment is below, and here are some notes:

  • The Phantasie games, for unknown reasons, do not work on the UNOCart or MyIDE2.  I had to resort to using an SIO2PC device, which took some time to remember how to setup.
  • I was hoping to record on a laptop (the same laptop used to host the SIO2PC server).  BUT....I discovered that most modern laptops do NOT have an audio-in jack of any kind! 
  • I ended up dragging a 130XE and the laptop into my garage, where a desktop (with audio line-in) and a TV reside.  BOOM.  This worked. 

I appreciate @xeenmusic's patience, as I took forever fitting this in to my schedule. 

recording atari music 002.JPG

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