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Good vs. Bad Video Game Sellers & Resellers

Doctor Octagon

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I've always thought if you find a bad seller, don't buy from them.  If more people did this, maybe they'd get a clue.  The funny thing is, if I find a good seller (someone that's nice, or takes the time to be friendly), I'll look around and find MORE to buy. 


In any case, I never take it personally.  Just move on.  Karma'll get em. 

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Being a reseller in of itself is neither bad nor good, it is simply a title.


However, a reseller can show good practices by being knowledgeable, honest and providing good service.

For instance, I take time cleaning and testing everything, and I take returns if something happens.

Typically, bad resellers won't last very long anyway, since money doesn't tend to follow them very long.

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I try my best to be fair in my flea market/eBay endeavors.   I keep a TV set up with systems plugged into it so people can test most stuff, I don't buy scratched up games and if I get them I don't sell them, if there's even a slightest issue with a system or handheld I will be up front about it.    Partially because I genuinely want to be an honest guy and want return business, and partially because I'm a coward when it comes to confrontation....so the last thing I want is an angry customer. 

I'm not the flea market vendor that you find Zelda for a dollar.  I do know what my stuff is worth, but again I price fairly (I think).  We're definitely friendly to our customers and I know a lot about older games.  More recent stuff I just tell them the truth if I don't know about it.


I watch Pat and Ian a lot, and Pat's problem is that he places his own values on things and refused to accept when the market moves beyond that.   So everyone who doesn't give him the deal he wants, the get the klaxon sound and the "RESELLER ALERT!" warnings.

Customers can be pretty ignorant about value too, so you have to be polite as well as knowledgeable.   One of the most common phrases any vendor hears is "I can get that cheaper on eBay."

Most of us want to reply, "Of course you can, where do you think I got this?" 


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