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Squad Challenge - 2022 Pole Position II Grand Prix (Atari 7800)

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20 minutes ago, Justin said:

It's on video 😃 great job Marco, great game everyone! :pole_position:

I'd love to watch your run!


Also, since you sniped me with 20 minutes remaining, you owe me a pretzel LOLLLLLLLL 🥨

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations Racers!


Congratulations to everyone who joined in the big race!! We had a FANTASTIC turnout for this Grand Prix! Absolutely stellar! Fuji is the legendary and iconic "Pole Position Track" from the original game, difficult enough to provide moderate challenge to us adult players but still easy enough for beginners to join in and fun to play. One of the points of criticism I see the Atari 7800 receive fairly often is that it came with Pole Position II as its pack-in title. I thought Pole Position II was a really fun game. I hope you did too!

I came in 1st Place to take the top spot on the podium, crossing the finish line to enter the winner's circle with a high score of 75,250. I feel like the game has a few hundred more points to give up and I know it's certainly possible to shave another second or two off of my time, but who knows. I was able to achieve this score multiple times yesterday but unfortunately unable to do better in time for this Squad Challenge to come to an end. I'll share video of this performance on YouTube. I may continue my pursuit of a higher score. @Marco1019 is back in action and takes 2nd Place on the big podium with a final score of 75,00 in a photo finish just 250 Points behind me. "The Don" @RickR takes 3rd Place with an incredible showing of 73,050 points, and @Sabertooth takes 4th Place on the podium with an impressive 71,000 points! @Atari 5200 Guy takes 5th Place with a very respectable 68,700 points, "The Mayor" @greenween is back once again to nab the 6th Place spot in our Final Standings with his showing of 68,150 points, and @Dinobot711 joins us with his score of 54,790 points taking 7th Place. @Gianna scored a respectable 41,860 points, entering the board in 8th Place, and @TrekMD shared a score of 41,790, rounding things out in 9th Place. Incredible scores from our 8-Bit Pit Crew, all of whom posted real scores that took effort and skill to achieve. BRAVO everyone!!! As I always encourage others to do, I'll be posting my new high score on the Scoreboard to make sure this Challenge continues on! Did you enjoy this Squad Challenge? If so, keep practicing your racing skills throughout the year and we'll see you back here on the track again next June to celebrate the Monaco Grand Prix with our running of the 2023 Pole Position II Grand Prix! I hope everybody had fun this year!

NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge is the Pizza Party Summer Special Event. Be there!








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4 hours ago, RickR said:

Those are great scores from top to bottom.  Thank you Justin and Marco for making it so interesting there at the end.  You are both #1 in my book. 

I love playing Pole Position 2 every year. 


This place and the people in it are number 1 in my opinion.  I've never found people more.friendly than on Atari I/O.

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1 hour ago, greenween said:

Amazing scores! I spent most of my day off playing. Got where I could get pole position every time. Thanks for all the tips. 71,050. 🙂 I'll be bringing it next year!!

pp2 71050.jpg

Avoiding the puddles is key. There will be occasions when they're unavoidable like when they're in the hairpin turn or when you're dealing with traffic. But you'll see your PB increase steadily.

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