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Your modified, pre 1990 retro computer setup (any brand with photos).

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I wasn't exactly sure where to put thread, so here it is...

We all have our different "favorite" retro-computer setups.  Some focus on Atari, others on Commodores, Apples, Sinclair's, TI's, Tandy's, well you know there were a ton of them back then.  Anyway, it got me thinking, many of us have tricked them out and modernized them over the decades.  So...

#1 What is your favorite retro computer setup, you know, the one you have invested the most time, effort and money into.

#2 What have you done to it that has made it much better than originally designed or intended, and what can it do now, that it could not back then.

#3 If you want, list all the modifications and upgrades you've done to your favorite prized system.

#4 This one is a must, include a photo of your prized system.

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Unfortunately I have not modernized any of my machines be it console or classic computer.  I prefer to keep them as original as possible.  The only two things I have modern to help enhance my systems, or one of them, are a SIO2PC dongle and a SIO2SD device.  I use both to play software I can't get otherwise.  It gives me a good way to try games and make a list.of what ones I like just in case I come across them in the real world.  That way I have a collection I know I will play verses one that I won't touch.

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