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Apolune 2


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Release Date: 8/11/22

Retail: $4.99

Developer(s): Lost Astronaut Studios

Publisher: Lost Astronaut Studios

Official Site

Synopsis :

Apolune 2 is a stand-alone adventure single player and local co-op game set in the asteroid belt. You and your team of astronauts are asteroid miners on a mission to make spacebucks, survive and thrive in deep space. Fill the local high scores to challenge your friends and family to a fantastic experience. Collect resources, buy upgrades and fight aliens and space pirates! Apolune 2 is a controller-friendly game that is super easy to pick up and play.

Immerse yourself into the life of an OreCorp asteroid miner. It's a galaxy full of opportunities including: weapons, aliens, asteroids, space pirates, merchants and ... ICE CREAM!

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