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Atari 130 XE power supply

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Hey guys,

I recently got an Atari 130XE. Works great. However, it has an ingot power supply. I have seen on some other auctions people have removed the connector from the ingot and attached it to a tiny cell phone power pack.


Is this advisable?

What voltage/amp rating should one use if attempting this hack?


Thanks for the info!

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5 V DC 1.5 A 7.5 VA Max:varies, 25W 30W 40W Atari#C061982/CA024814
600XL,800XL,65XE,130XE,XE Game System

(Stole this from the Atari 8 bit FAQ). 

Safest thing is to find a pin out diagram and measure it yourself on your current power adapter. 

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