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Dark Grey 130XE

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I realize not everyone is probably on the Atari Facebook group so I figured it would be alright to post this here as well... received my (new to me) 130XE a few weeks ago to replace my 800XL that has decided to become less functional than I care for (something is happening with the keyboard) and instead of bothering with trying to fix it, it gave me the greenlight to get a much wanted 130XE.


Dabbling around with my phones camera adjustments, some shots came out sort of abnormal and I thought the XE would have looked rather cool in a dark grey casing... I really enjoyed the darker casing of the Falcon, even if it's a little more brownish than anything... what if Atari would have released the XE line in a much more distinguished color than was available? I feel it would be much less susceptible to yellowing, including the keys, had they decided to go something along the lines of the Falcon keyboard as well...


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Hey Clint! good to see you here. If you are wondering who I am, check out my post in the 'introduce yourself' forum. I think it looks great as a darker gray. I did the opposite of you though, and switched from my 130XE to a 1200XL, for more room for mods and also I really love the look and the keyboard better, but then I never cared for the 600/800XL's with the option keys on the side and smaller footprint and cartridge slot on the top (it made it look to much like a game machine rather than a computer, IMO). Plus, I had all XL peripherals and got tired of my XE not matching the rest of the system. But I just love the look of the 1200XL, which is also now upgraded to 512k, stereo sound, 32-in-1 OS, Super-video and some other stuff. I still have a lot to do to it in upgrades and mods though. Right now it's in storage though, and my jaguar is with me, so I'll be hanging out in the Jag forum a lot more until I get my XL back home. I was just checking the Atari computer forum for the heck of it and ran across your post.

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