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BERZERK - The Retroist Podcast

The Professor

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One of our favorite podcasts has a new episode online! This week's episode is about Berzerk, the 1980 video game by Stern Electronics that became immensely popular in arcades and on the Atari 2600 VCS.


The Retroist is a fantastic podcast, and it's long-been a personal favorite among the Mods here at the site for many years. I hope you'll find the time this weekend to maybe put on a great game, tune in and listen to this great podcast. Maybe it'll become a weekend routine!





Listen to the Retroist Podcast here:







You can also search iTunes for Retroist Podcast, or visit The Retroist here:




Here's what The Retroist had to say about the episode:


Retroist Podcast – Episode 189 – Berzerk


On today’s show, I start off by talking about how after breaking an Atari joystick while playing Berzerk, I grew closer to one friend and further apart from another. Then I jump into the star of this episode, the Stern arcade classic, Berzerk. I talk about the people and company who created the game, the gameplay, strategy, ports, sequels and much much more.

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So, I take it breaking controllers while playing Berzerk is a common occurrence?

Yes! More than any other 2600 game that I can think of. Evil Otto can be startling. The natural reflex is to yank back on the joystick quickly, and that can lead to a mishap like Justin's and the Retroist's.   :qbert:

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