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M-Network 1982 ‪Atari‬ 2600 Catalog

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The coolest M-Network thing is how you can play Astroblast with either a joystick OR paddle.   And in paddle mode, the game is fantastic, IMO.  That makes the M-Network version even better than the real Intellivision version.  Sorry Rowsdower.  The rest of the M-Network games are great, but original INTV versions are better.

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When Mattel ported their proprietary titles to the VCS, it was like we had stepped into a better world, an (Atari) Age of Aquarius, a peace-among-men environment, a world where the scientist approaches the invading monsterbeast and does not get ate up or zapped to little-bitty dust (OK, that would never happen).


It was almost incredible to us atarians cuz our families couldn't afford both consoles (the 2600 and Intellivision - that was it) but the Tron titles were so futuro-cool and essential, Lock N'Chase was Pac-Man next-gen (just smush pac and Mouse Trap together), and  - yeah Brian - froggy action for everyone!


M-Network might've simply been a logical marketing step, but after the Plimpton put-downs, where Mattel's Maserati zoomed past our sweet Volks beetle and shrieked donuts in our coughing face, as all we atari younglings ever wanted was to have fun, it was the 8-bit bullies handing over *their* lunch and everybody realizing the basic components of a successful title can indeed be broken down to simpler, blockier science and still be effective.


And - we get to play as Tron on our reliable VCS, get to smash the falling astros just like the rich people do.


It was peace and love, man.

Joysticks and discpads in harmony.

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