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McWill LCD Screen Mod for Atari Lynx

Clint Thompson

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So, I'm considering picking up another Lynx II so I can finally enjoy the benefits of an upgraded LCD screen and McWill's LCD upgrade package. Before I do, is there anyone here who has done the mod themselves and may possibly be willing to install the mod for me? I would be happy to pay for said service and of course shipping both ways.

2600 - 7800 - 800XL - 130XE - Lynx - Jaguar



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I have not, but please tell us how it goes and how you like it.


My Lynx II is a refurb unit from Best Electronics.  It looked brand new to me when I got it, and it works great.  I paid more than I wanted, but it's been totally worth it.  I use an AC adapter with it, and have been very happy.  I can see the benefit of having a brighter screen, but don't have the guts to mess with this nice unit. 

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