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Atari BASIC Programming

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Thank you!

Believe it or not, Atari BASIC gave owners more access to the machine's inner workings than any other BASIC for any other machine.  It might not have been the best but any address location on the Atari can be accessed with BASIC.  I have not seen any other BASIC offer that.  Not on the C64, not on IBM, not on Apple, nothing.  Those kept you out of those areas.  Not Atari.

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Color Computer and Aquarius are two that I've used that had really good versions of Microsoft Basic that offered similar graphics and sound capabilities.  I think maybe the C16 and Plus4 from Commodore also finally got a decent version of BASIC (Commodore used the really old version they used on the PET for VIC and 64). 

The cool thing about the CoCo and Aquarius was that the BASIC was super fast.  Atari BASIC was great, but speed wasn't its strong suit.  Still, Atari BASIC allowed you do do some really fancy stuff.  Like mix the graphics mode (to put text at the top, draw stuff on the bottom) for example.  But there are color limitations!  Weird, huh?  You can't change text color on the fly. 


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