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Atari ST Star Raiders

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I'm asking for help on this one.  I was going to try Star Raiders for ST computers.  The one I have came from the archives and seems to be corrupt.  I tried the one from Atari Mania and it is in the STX format which keeps me from putting it on a floppy disk.

Does anyone here know of a good image of this game, either ST, STT, or MSA extensions that I can use to try his game?  Please.

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Good news: my ST is fine.

Bad news: the floppy drive on my XP system has went out.  Lights on, disk spins, head moves, but it can not read or write a disk.  Trying to format a disk just exits the command after a few seconds.  I tried cleaning it and still nothing.

So until I can find another drive I can't make any more game disks for my ST. 😐

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