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Star Trek: Lower Decks


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OK, I've finished season 2 (and of course I had to watch S3:E1 to see how the cliffhanger is resolved). 

My opinions on this show:

  • The show can be really funny at times.  But too often, they go loud and obnoxious.
  • The references to all the prior shows are awesome.  You really have to pay attention to all the details.
  • I find myself saying "okee dokey" in real life a lot more than normal.
  • My favorite character is probably the doc, who is super quick to lose her cool and throw out f-bombs. 

Overall, super worthwhile to watch for any Trek fan.  I'll get caught up completely here in the next week or so.


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SEASON 4 is out now! 

We watched E1, and it's a hilarious tribute to Voyager.  I was forced to pause many times to explain to my wife things like "There was an episode in which Paris and Janeway evolved into those space slugs" and "Michael McKeon played a psycho clown".  Anyway, A+ episode.


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