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Every Atari 7800 Game Reviewed (Again)

Funkmaster V

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It took us almost two years to do it, but we finally have in-depth written reviews posted for all 58 7800 official releases on the site. Some of you may or may now know, but we did the same thing back in the double aughts on a site called "Cousin Vinnie's Atari 7800 Panoramic Froo-Froo". Back in the early 2000's, I wanted to make an Atari site that was less tech oriented, but more fun and approachable for potential new fans to the system. I lost that domain, and it was a shame that I let it go. But its OK now I guess because the new site is better written, has over 100 reviews total, features more articles and is more functional. It also includes all of the old applicable articles from the old site, too. Thanks to Crossbow and Silverback for helping speed up the review process with their great reviews. Because of them, I didn't have to play some real duds, LOL. 


The last game review published tonight was Tomcat... and what is hilarious is that Tomcat was the last game I reviewed of the official releases on the old site. I had no idea it was until I checked the Wayback Machine. I hate those flight sims. 


Now we will focus on improving formatting, correcting typos, reviewing homebrews, hacks, oddities, and creating new interesting articles, cheat code pages, and eventually converting these reviews to Youtube videos. Thanks to anyone that enjoys the site!


Latest reviews:

Crossbow reviews Rampage

Crossbow reviews F-18 Hornet

Silverback reviews Meltdown

Silverback reviews Sentinel

Funkmaster V reviews Tomcat



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