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Atari 4160 STe, Atari PC4 and Atari STacy4 recent pickups at Atari!

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That’s a lot of 4s! Hope you like far fetched stories and pictures with a lot of time bending wind 😉 

This is a little premature in my posting as I’m still unpacking other pieces but I’m very excited to finally own an Atari STe setup and wanted to share! Atari’s brochures depicted a lust worthy dream machine as a kid who couldn’t afford one in the 90s. That and multiple Toad Computer catalogs would further fuel said desires only never to be fulfilled until recently. So what’s the first thing a poor kid from the 90s with access to a time traveling DeLorean in the future do? He goes back to Atari of course! (trip 1)


Has the cleanest 1991 board I’ve ever seen (I’ll have to get back in and take pictures sometime), having sit tucked away in Atari’s warehouse untouched. 

I also accidentally stumbled across a PC4 in their test department, that I’ve made my primary retro dos gaming machine. I say accidentally because I wasn’t actively searching for one or at all. It appears to have been used to test licensed ST game ports against their PC counterparts up until about 1991. (More on this later) 

While it only has a 286 @ 16mhz with 1MB SIPP RAM, it does include onboard VGA graphics and now a Sound Blaster card, making it a very fun little DOS machine with talking capabilities to boot! It also runs Windows 3.0, making for a really cool machine to toy with.


Long Live Atari! 

I had no intent on picking up so many Atari machines (especially in such a short period of time or at all really) but someone at Atari also had a like new STacy4 to use with the Hotz setup for my music stuff that I couldn’t say no to, despite originally not really having any interest or desire in it.

First time I’ve ever seen or used a STacy in my entire life and turns out is much better than I was expecting. Probably the best Atari keyboard to type on as well, which comes as a surprise knowing how not so great the ST and Falcon keyboards can be feeling kind of mushy. The screen is equally surprising but being unused, could explain why.  


Wanted an STBook but got a STacy. Wanted a Falcon but got an STe. Wanted an ABC II 386DX but got a 286 PC4. And I’m not at all complaining! Quite the opposite actually, as it all seems rather surreal. Someone offered a Falcon to trade for the STacy but at this point, I can’t let it go. It’s too cool. Plus I still have a little plutonium left.. so, you never know…

As with all my travels it seems, some bad tends to come with the good, as a few items were completely destroyed during their transit (indirectly so), never actually making it back. While arguably less important, knowing that any Atari machine or software is vaporized during transit really bothers me. Decided to grab a new portfolio to go with the PC4 (thought it would be fun to link and use to show at the local vintage computer meets) and a few choice ST games but it wasn’t meant to be and are forever gone, lost in the transit of time. 

It could have been worse is what I keep telling myself, that with the risks involved transporting any of this stuff such a long distance but glad to say most everything else is here now safe and sound, being put to good use in 2022. 


Edited by Clint Thompson

7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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