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Sharp X68000Z announced


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I am not a super fan of Japanese PCs (they are not Atari 😄) but thought this was the cool announcement, given it is some love to retro PCs.

A Mini Sharp X68000. Looks like it'll include a keyboard and mouse as well. No concrete details until October 8th, but pretty neat, had some good arcade ports.

Now someone needs to give the Falcon this kind of treatment, so I can actually get one. 😛



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I remember actually seeing something like this in development, but I think there was some complication.

I imagine this could be done easy enough with an X86 compatible CPU and an FPGA to emulate the 3DFX chipset though. I imagine that is something that will be happening soon enough though. 😄 Would be fun if Microsoft themselves bankrolled that, and it came installed with a legit Win9x build.

We need a readily available TOS system too. The Firebee is great, but who can get one? 😢 Some company with lots of money needs to get on either developing it further or making a new one. Jeff Bezos loves the ST line. He needs to put his money where his mouth is. 😛

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4 hours ago, DegasElite said:

Right. I keep emailing them about that, and I don't get a response. It might have folded.

Yes I am not sure either. I mailed them a few weeks ago too, but no response either.

Back on topic, it would be neat if the X68000Z would have an open platform for development. Would be cool to see more coders on more 68000 based machines. 😄


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