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Google Stadia: 2019-2022


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Curious what folks here think of Stadia's demise?

Did you use the service? If so, what did you like about it? Where do you think they went wrong?  If you didn't use the service, why not?




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I was exposed to Stadia in 2021 with the purchase of the modern VCS. For those that don't already know, the VCS supports game streaming apps like Stadia. XBOX Cloud, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now and Antstream Arcade. I've tried all of these.

What I liked about Stadia was the ability to purchase games a la Carte vs. having to maintain a subscription. Also, at a time when next-gen consoles were near impossible to find, I could play new third-party AAA content without the new $500 box.  Stadia Pro was also a great value as you got to play and keep "Pro" games for as long as you had a subscription.

A lack of exclusive content and a strong challenge by Microsoft XBOX Cloud in the past year or so made it hard for Stadia to compete.

At least Google is going out classy by offering refunds for games and hardware purchased through the Google store. That must be a first in gaming. I'll be getting back at least a few hundred bucks. Can you imagine any of the big three doing that when digital stores or platforms are no longer supported? 

Also, that controller was solid.








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I have Stadia.  It is a good service and it is unfortunate it is dying but it seems that tech is not going away.  In fact, they have been releasing updates consistently.  They said they will share it with partners, so maybe one of them will bring a similar service out. 

Google refunding those of us who made purchases is a nice move by the company.   The controller is indeed very good and I like that I can pick up an play anywhere I have access.  So, I can start the game on my TV, get on my Chromebook and keep on playing and then come back to the TV or go to my PC and use Chrome to get into the game again. 

I didn't see a lot of promotion for this service, though.  That and the lack of exclusive content are two things that hurt the platform.

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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