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Best Joystick


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Hey guys,


In your opinions what is the best joystick (currently on the market or eBay) for playing 8bit games.


I have a standard 2600 stick, works pretty good, a wico, it is ok but has a long throw for movement. I have a 500xj epyx stick, but I use that only for my ST(due to the pain in the butt it is to remove). And one other that just says Competition Pro Joystick( it has buttons on either side of the stick base). None are really that great imo.



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I like the Slik Stik best.  It has a really tight/short throw.  Big drawback is the tiny button.  It looks like this:




Second favorite is the updated original Atari sticks that came with the flashback 2.  They feel just like the original, but are a little more responsive IMO.  What I don't like:  The stick comes unscrewed too easily. 

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I've always preferred the standard Atari joysticks to be honest.... though I do like the CX78 joypad as well. Can't speak from experience but I've always wanted one of these:


(Competition Pros)


That is the one I have. Just it is an ugly white color. Lol. I have been playing montezumas revenge and I know the control on that Is a little touchy but I actually was having better luck with the wilco than with the comp pro stick.


Back in the 80s I used the colecovision and the coleco super action controllers. Since I have been using game pads since the early 90s maybe that is the way I should go. Any experienced with those?

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If I were limited to just one joystick then it's going to be the standard cx40 by Atari.


But I don't have to use just one joystick.


For maze games I use the Epyx controller which for me is the best controller to use for that genre.


If I'm playing Asteroids or Star Castle there is no better controller than the Starplex.


Wico is a good controller as well.

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I only had the standard Atari joystick and the Omega Race booster grip add-on when I was growing up. But alot of the time I would leave the booster grip on and play other Atari titles with it.



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For me Wico (to the left) rules. Arcade quality joystick that was sold with 5 years Warranty. The most robust and reliable joystick you could get back then. In fact, my Wico even works today.


When running emulation i use a combination of keyboard and a typical PC pad.

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I really like my Wico Boss as far as joysticks go. The colour scheme matches my XE, too ;)


Aside from the cx78 and genesis gamepads, theres also the option to use the Atari Jaguar pad with the help of $15 adapter form Best Electronics. 



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