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Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate Edition.


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Anyone knows if the new game of Batovi Studios will be in store of VCS ?

Recently I see that the Batovi Studios release a new version of Pixel Cup Soccer called Ultimate Edition on Steam.

→ Steam game

In VCS I have the Pixel Cup Soccer Classic Edition, and I think that the new release also be appear to buy on Store VCS, but until now the game isn't on the store.

So I visit the Batovi official page and see that the new game is on Steam and Switch.


If anyone here have contact with Atari Team please comment to the team if is possible to have the game in Atari Store of VCS.


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I use this form in past to send game suggests. In this case I also contact the Batovi Studios Facebook page of the game , and I Will see if the Batovi team give me some feedback if they dont send any info to me then I can send a form to see if Atari Will be or not the game in store. I also put this same info on Discord of Atari to try to see if anyone have info about the game state on VCS. Thanks for your help.

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