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I remember adopting a broken camera somehow and the top cube wouldn't spin perfectly square so the flash would go off when taking a picture. I was a kid at the time but figured out holding or forcing it straight would allow it to flash. I learned this while looking directly at the flash cube - spots everywhere lol... lesson learned - don't look at flashing objects or bright lights while attempting to get them working again haha...

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It's fair to say we saw a revolution in the camera industry.  Over a 10 year period, the complete death of film cameras with a shift over to digital technology.  Industry giants Kodak and Polaroid brought to their knees.  Film processing -- dead. 


It's not like our retro gaming habit.  We can still play as long as we have a working console and carts.  With these old cameras, you can't even buy film anymore.  And if you could, who would develop the pictures for you?  Or finding these flash bulbs.  Good luck!


Typewriters are another example.  But even those took a lot longer than 10 years to go away.  And you can STILL buy a brand new typewriter today if you wanted one. 


I tell my kids all the time..they don't know how good they have it.  We used to snap pictures and have no idea how they turned out until you developed and film (two trips to the store!) a few weeks later. 


Revolution!  Change for the better.

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