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Any ATARI JR. owners?


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I did some more research on the 2600 1-chip revisions. It seems there are two 1-chip revisions. REV3. & REV.4.
Most 1-chip 2600 jr's iv'e seen are REV.4 with the JANUS ic reading C101688-002.
My 2600 jr is a REV.3 with my JANUS reading C101688-001. 
I don't see a REV.3 posted anywhere.
Could this be the rarest Atari 2600 Revision?
The unicorn of the unicorn Haha.



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I have no idea on rarity, but how cool is it to have everything on once chip.  If this chip design still exists, it seems like it would be pretty easy for someone to manufacture a new fully-compatible 2600 with cart slot.  I know the Atari Flashback version 2 could be modded to add a cart slot, but I know that chip design was NOT fully compatible with all games.


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On 12/31/2022 at 5:39 PM, Amis said:

Wow! I knew this was possible, FujiNet guys have something like this on the list.. Awesome.. Thanks! Very cool!

Awaiting my PlusCart to arrive, printed a sweet case and little mod on the 2600 jr..447888738_atarijr.jpg.0424f8ce8bed086c98b8fae332c9e3ef.jpg

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X2 on a new Atari Flashback that uses the single chip and neatly done video mod!

I opened mine up to check, ordinary Jr. I like that the Jr has the RCA jack exposed, I use a shielded coax with an RCA adapter to clean up RF.

My Vader is on another Television setup and I think I broke my six switch removing the hex buffer with solder braid but it may be repairable, damaged it with static from my hands switching controllers. It still looks iconic just sitting there.


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So growing up everybody was giving me their hand me down Atari stuff, so I had two wood grain models and a Vader at one time.  I honestly have no clue what happened to those, probably still in my parents attic somewhere.  I did buy my first 2600 Jr for a steal two or three years ago.  I got it to hang on the wall in my game room as art.  I've since removed it from the wall but it looked cool up there for a time. 

I do like the look of the Jr but I always just used my 7800 even when I had the other 2600s.  My aunt's and uncles would see me playing Atari and bring me boxes full of games, controllers and consoles just to get rid of them.  It was one of those all or nothing deals. 

I don't think releasing the 2600 Jr was a bad idea at the time and I believe it sold decently.  Mind you I'm basing that on something I remember maybe reading a long time ago about it's sales. Lol. It had a sleek look and there was fun to be had especially if you were short on cash. 

I mean it brought the fun back with a real joystick and classics galore. 

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2 hours ago, dyonadi said:

Hi, this is Diego from Argentina and I'd like to share my ATARI 2600 Jr. collection with you!

That black one that here is called "Irish" seems to be kinda rare over here.


I got my hands on an "Irish" 2600 Jr. also. To my knowledge they never had retail availability in North America, they're certainly uncommon for us but if you look hard enough you can find one. I'm not sure why they went with the black plastic nameplate. It's certainly unique and reminiscent of the Atari 2700 design.

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On 7/14/2023 at 9:59 AM, socrates63 said:

That is cool. I didn't know that there were variations.

I've been looking for a Jr for the purpose of getting it RGB modded, but I've also heard the RGB mod kit is unavailable right now.

This is correct and I was told by another who spoke with Tim Worthington on this, that he isn't planning to bring it back without a redesign due to parts he used no longer being cost feasible. So... to me, that essentially means the end of his kits for the 2600 until someone else comes along...


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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1 hour ago, sramirez2008 said:

Here are a couple of pics of my 2600 Jr. I keep it in our living and mostly use it during our game nights. I really like the all black variant too. I've never seen one in person, but a couple have popped up on eBay. 

2600Jr with Caramujo.jpg

Nice controller 😲

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