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Every see a photo that makes you feel like the grim reaper is looking over your shoulder?

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Have you ever seen a photo that smacks your mortality right up across your face?  I saw one this morning, and realized EVERYONE in that photo is dead.  Then I starting thinking about all the people I've grown up with, a family member and other relatives that are already gone... then starting thinking about a buddy in AZ that might not make it through 2023.  I gotta go make coffee, get offline, go to work and enjoy the day and people.


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I guess that photo in particular doesn't do it for me. Those folks were all old then. For example, Reagan was born in 1911. It's natural that he's gone. Same with Hope, Martin, Sinatra and Wayne.

Now when everyone in this photo had passed, I may have some feels about it. (May you rest Dustin Diamond - who was my age)


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I think the nice thing about the first photo is everyone pictured lived full lives and died of natural causes at an old age after having accomplished much in their lifetime.

It's when people pass away young, unexpectedly, or even not so much "young" but rather "not old enough to pass away yet" or "I didn't even know he was sick." An example: it was almost shocking the other day when I saw a rerun of a fairly modern "Comedy Central Roast" and realized almost everyone on stage has passed away recently, and at too young an age. Bob Saget, Norm MacDonald, Louie Anderson, Artie Lange and the incomparable Gilbert Gottfried were up on stage that night, and somehow Artie is the one who is still with us. I never saw that one coming.

Also, beyond people having passed away, I think that a signal of time going by quickly and the world having changed can be seen and felt in simple, less substantive ways that we encounter daily. I had to try to find a pay phone recently for a hurricane-related project. (When cell towers go down reception isn't consistent for a week or two). I came to the realization that "Pay phones don't exist anymore" as I found myself googling "nearest payphone" or looking for a "payphone finder app" only to find inaccurate results, and no pay phones in our ears. None of our gas stations have them, McDonald's, shopping centers, etc. They're nowhere to be found. Try getting photos developed. Try looking for CD-Rs at Staples, DVDs or video games at Sam's Club or Costco. I was in Best Buy with @Gianna recently, and it was the first time I had visited a Best Buy in at least a decade. Try walking into a Best Buy, or similar store, and see what you recognize and what you don't. No video game kiosks at our store, there's really not much of anything other than computers, large home appliances and TVs. I think of myself as a forward-thinking person looking to the future and excited to figure out "what's next", but it can be surprising when you find things that have disappeared when we weren't looking.

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