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Is "everyday technology", approaching the stagnation point?

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Back in 80's, through the 90's and into the 2000's, new computers were getting obsolete every 18 months, then a couple of years, then every four years, heck the one I have now should last at least 7 years, maybe more.  We all saw new toys and innovations come to market, cassette tapes to CD's, now downloadable MP3's.  All the different things like calculators, MP3 players, video players and other stuff now all resides in our cellphones.  But not much NEW technologically (at the consumer level) has come out in the past ten years.  Sure, cellphones are getting more powerful, more memory and all that, but it's not really necessary to upgrade anymore and things can only get so small.  I cannot think of much NEW other than 3D printers and robot vacuum cleaners that didn't already exist 10 years ago.

 It seems to me the only thing driving obsolescence is the companies that make these things themselves. They'll change a plug here and there, turn off a server or tower making your item a brick.  They'll try to switch you into a subscription based service so you pay forever for something they can hold you hostage for, but that's it.  Am I missing something?  What's so different (at the consumer technological level) in 2023 that wasn't available in 2012 excluding speed.

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I think you are right on the money in most regards, but the one missing piece of the puzzle is the growth in the market size.  For example, 10 years ago, computers and phones were more expensive and mostly limited to adults.  But now, prices are lower and even kids are getting fancy equipment.  Add in population growth and markets in "developing" countries, and I'll bet the potential customer base has gone up by 1000 times in 10 years. 

The other thing we should mention is marketing.  Google and Apple are good at those extra fancy features (which they could easily make available on older phones but don't) and then advertising like crazy.  "I gotta have it" drives a lot of sales. 


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