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Best looking retro computer/console


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I have always like the look of Atari 800 XL. Black, grey and silver can't fail. Atari managed to deliver a great looking computer.






I'm a big fan of the old "Woody" Atari 2600, just a nice touch as a wood panel is pure genius.




Atari has always been very good at design.


ZX Spectrum (Timex Sinclair in USA) wasn't bad either with it's slick black design and the rainbow.



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I probably have weird tastes, though I love anything classic with the wood-grain aesthetic to me the Vader 2600 is pretty sexy. 







I think the original 3DO , the big square box is pretty cool.







For Intellivision I will go with another odd one, I would love an original model one day (I have only the INTV II) but I was fascinated by the 

SEARS Tele-Games Super Video Arcade just because it was so different









As for computers I love all the classics but as rare as Amiga was in Canada this particular model was literally unseen here in Canada, the Commodore Amiga a600 was tiny and super compact model that was intended to replace the original big bulky a500. Many hated the loss of the Number Pad to the right but really only flight sims and a few serious programs made use of it which I was not much into, would have loved one back in the day just for Amiga games. 


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Another real good looking computer was Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128


The first Playstation was about pretty nice compact design and looked way more peofessional then the more bulky looking Sega Saturn.


Vectrex was a quite nice looking console as well.


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Actually my favorite Intellivision look is the Tutorvision:



For Atari, I love a Vader, but the 7800 is just awesome looking:

As for the ugliest...I gotta be honest, Nintendo has never made an attractive console.  The N64 is the closest, and its just meh.

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I like most 2600 variants, with a preference for the Atari Light Sixer. However, my favorite 2600 has got to be the never released Kee Games prototype.



I also like the look of the Japanese Saturn. post-65-0-67821100-1439878358_thumb.jpg


Of course the sexiest console of all is a fully expanded Genesis with a Sega CD and 32X. post-65-0-58166400-1439878570.jpgpost-65-0-44685400-1439878583.jpg

Its the pinnacle of console design. ;)

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Had to take a couple of days to decide. Best looking console:



Best looking computer:



best looking portable (homemade - by Ben Heck):


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Since we're including consoles, mine would definitely have to be the unreleased JagDuo. I was so incredibly disappointed that Atari didn't get to release both that system and the Jaguar VR. Almost would have rather them release the JagDuo instead of the CD attachment for the Jaguar, fix all their bugs, increase the ram on it or just make the Jaguar 2 and use this as the case, which would have seemed more fitting.





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I would go for the 7800 first, but I also like the clean look of the Turbo Duo and similar looking systems like the second panasonic 3do.




Honorable mentions: Atari Jaguar, Platinum GameCube, Sega Saturn, Model 1 Sega Genesis, Sega Master System II



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